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Dating aphorisms

For it means that when you divide what is to come by what has already been, the remainder will be the same decimal repeating repeating repeating to infinity.

Happiness, when ill timed, can maim a life just as thoroughly as sorrow.

THE ORIGINS OF CLOTHING.— The origins of clothing should be sought in man’s desire to forget that his skin is already a kind of uniform.

Masks, disguises, costumes—these are worn above all to conceal something from the of truth.

It is something that has to be put on—one leg at a time.

Against the wishes of his parents, who hoped he would go into law, he studied classical philology at the University of Freiburg.

There he was among the students of Martin Heidegger, a famous cohort that included Hannah Arendt, Herbert Marcuse, Karl Löwith, and Hans Jonas.

Columbus’s discovery of the Americas is surely a watershed moment in the History of the Forgetting of Being.

ET IN ARCADIA EGO.— It’s a terrible thing, at any age, to be able to point to some period of your past and say, .

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